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oCam is a versatile camera intended to record a live computer screen. It can be used during tutorials, troubleshooting a website, or sharing a presentation with others via an online webinar. Other common functions include recording videos directly off of popular websites such as YouTube. You can fully experience the service of this screen capture software free-of-charge.

Handy alternative

oCam is a streamlined version of more complicated screen recording software. It can be a viable alternative for those who may have been looking for a no-frills package that still offers many of the same functions associated with complicated systems. All recordings can be initiated and terminated with just a single click of a button, and dragging the mouse icon allows the user to resize a specific image.


Once you launched this utility program after the download, you will be greeted by a user interface that consists of two elements. Whatever is seen inside the green rectangle, those are the first elements. Any part of your screen that is covered with this section will be captured or recorded. The second element is a section dedicated to the controlling panel wherein you can easily access all the features and settings that this screen recorder tool can offer.

Convenient screen recording

oCam is a practical screen capture software designed for the comfort usage of all types of users. Its user interface and the program tools are neatly organized around the app so, users with any experience level could easily get the hang of it without much learning. If you will notice, there are also no extravagant features added, only features and functions that are vital for the program to do its job.

Here you can download oCam for Free