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Process Explorer


Process Explorer is a freeware task manager and system monitor for Microsoft Windows. It provides the functionality of Windows Task Manager along with a rich set of features for collecting information about processes running on the user's system. It can be used as the first step in debugging software or system problems.


Hierarchical view of processes. Ability to display an icon and company name next to each process. Live CPU activity graph in the task bar. Ability to suspend selected process. Ability to raise the window attached to a process, thus "unhiding" it. Complete process tree can be killed. Interactively alter a service process's access security. Interactively set the priority of a process.


The tools in Process Explorer offer targeted help such as Fast Search to locate a file quickly or the Kill Process option to shut down a complete process tree with one click. Hitting the space bar pauses the automatic updates so IT can monitor a process closely before it disappears.


Process Explorer also uses VirusTotal to monitor potential malware from questionable processes. IT can add the VirusTotal column in options, and the column will show all the antivirus sites that flagged a process as a potential virus.

Here you can download Process Explorer for Free