About Playstation Fans

PlayStation 4 is the most fantastic console in the Universe! Why do we say so? Because PS4 is the most popular gaming console ever. 

Accordingly to the recent statistics, nearly 75 millions of PS4 units were sold all over the world nowadays. With these outstanding numbers, PlayStation 4 dominates Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. And when someone decides to buy a console, it is more likely that he would think about PS4 than about any other gaming platform.  

If you are the PS4 devoted fan, then you definitely know why to like your console. We may suggest, PlayStation 4 brings you hours of enjoyable playing and pleases you with exclusive features and chips. 

We have one more reason to prefer PlayStation! We are talking about the PS4 Remote Play app that helps you extend your favorite console experience significantly. With this app, you can play PS4 whenever you want from any device you have near at hand. 
PS4 Remote Play lets you broadcast the game picture to any remote device whether it’s a smartphone or a PC. It receives your controller commands and works as a game server. That is how your PlayStation 4 experience becomes limitless.

Being devoted PS4 players, we admire this terrific app. PS4 Remote Play is the best option for all those who were born with a PS4 controller in hands. 


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