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Jenny Mod


With this add-on you have a Jenny Mod in Minecraft so they can be very useful for our survival world, you marry a girlfriend with Jenny and help you defend yourself from enemies.

How does it work?

All the girlfriend we will find in our Minecraft worlds in any biome, there are four different designs. We can tame them using a ring with Jenny Mod. To create the ring we need to make it with a diamond and three gold ingots from the crafting table using the recipe with girlfriend.


After giving the ring to a girlfriend, it will defend the player from enemies who attack it, you can ask it to follow you or leave Jenny sitting and you can give it a diamond sword which will increase its attack damage with Jenny Mod.


Jenny Mod supports multiplayer and will help you play with your friends in mcpe! Gather a team and go into battle to set yourself a challenge and go through all minecraft PE game in this mod.

Here you can download Jenny Mod for Free