PS4 Tournament Party

Are you considered to be a party monster? Do you usually go to bed with the PS4 controller in your hand? Enjoy both geek playing and noisy companies? 

We know how to combine the best of these two worlds. Our team organizes the PS4 Tournament Parties in different US cities once in a month. These are the craziest parties with pizza, some good beverages, hanging out near the swimming pool, and hours of playing the latest PlayStation 4 games, of course. 

What is the PS4 Tournament Party?

  • One US city.
  • Only one weekend.
  • One mansion with a swimming pool and large backyard.
  • Lots of pizza, snacks, beverages, ice-cream, and whatever you wish to add in the menu.
  • Hundreds of PlayStation games (including the latest hits) to choose for playing.
  • Only 30 tickets available for each party. 

Want to join? 

  • Contact us to find out what are the city and date for the next secret PS4 Tournament Party.
  • Make a reservation for the party which you’d like to join.
  • Make an advance payment.
  • Get your ticket with the complete instruction for the party.

The full price for the party ticket is $500. There is also a special offer for our constant guests. We make 20% discount if you already visited our PS4 Tournament Parties at least once. Bring a friend, and get your 25% discount for the visit!
We will bring you the sparks of joy and fun. So get ready to the PS4 Tournament Party to enjoy your favorite activities to the fullest!  


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