Having sound issues with PS4 remote controller? Find how to fix it within a couple of seconds!

Sometimes you set up remote play on your PC and prepare for the game only to find out that everything works properly except for the sound. You reboot the system, fix settings and still have nothing. “PS4 remote play no sound”  is not a game we’re fond of, so here are some tips on where to find the solution to this problem.

1. PC confuses your USB adapter with a speaker

One of the reasons why the sound on PS4 remote play not working is because of the USB settings. If you’re using a wireless adapter, it may kill all the sounds on your PC, because Windows confuses your USB adapter with a speaker.

  • Do this: on the bottom right side of the screen, you can see the “speakers” icon. Go ahead and hit it with the left click. Here you may see “Speakers USB Audio device”, which is your PS4 controller. For some reasons, your PC reads it as a speaker when you plug in via USB. You have to switch to “Speakers VIA HD Audio” as it is shown below and see if this works for you.

  • You may also try this: go to your control panel > hardware and sound > sound while the adapter is plugged in. Disable the USB as a speaker. This will allow you to use whatever speaker you want (your headset, for example).
  • Use the latest input matter and the official DualShock adapter, which allows you to wirelessly connect to your PC and get full sound without dropping.

2. You’ve started the game without plugging the mic in

Sometimes you can start the game and only then plug your microphone in. If there is no sound, restart the game with your adapter unplugged and reinserted. Also, make sure the speaker's volume is turned up. 
Don’t forget to check if your microphone is generally working. 

3. PC confused your USB adapter with headphones

For some reasons, Windows may recognize your remote play as headphones. This problem also usually happens with Mac. Try this:
Go to the sound icon in the taskbar and choose “playback devices”. Right click on the headphones and hit “disable”.

Tried everything above and nothing happened?

If you still have no sound, don’t forget that with Dualshock 4 you have a 1-year warranty period, so there is a possibility to send your device for a free diagnostics.

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